Jack Wampler

jack.wampler [at] colorado.edu



Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering
  University of Colorado Boulder. December 2023

  Thesis: Crossing the Gap: Reflections on Operationalizing Systems and Exploits

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering w/ a Minor in Mathematics
  University of California, San Diego. May 2017


  • Oscur0: One-Shot Circumvention without Registration

    Mingye Chen, Jack Wampler, Abdulrahman Alaraj, Gaukas Wang, Eric Wustrow. Free and Open Communications on the Internet 2024 (FOCI24)

  • Just add WATER: WebAssembly-based Circumvention Transports

    Erik Chi, Gaukas Wang, J Alex Halderman, Eric Wustrow, Jack Wampler. Free and Open Communications on the Internet 2024 (FOCI24)

  • Doomed to Repeat with IPv6? Characterization of NAT-centric Security in SOHO Routers

    Karl Olson, Jack Wampler, Nolen Scaife. ACM Computing Surveys, 2023

  • NATting Else Matters: Evaluating IPv6 Access Control Policies in Residential Networks

    Karl Olson, Jack Wampler, Fan Shen, Nolen Scaife. International Conference on Passive and Active Network Measurement 2021 (PAM21)

  • Running Refraction Networking for Real

    Benjamin VanderSloot, Sergey Frolov, Jack Wampler, Sze Chuen Tan, Irv Simpson, Michalis Kallitsis, J. Alex Halderman, Nikita Borisov, and Eric Wustrow. Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies | Volume 2020: Issue 4

  • Detecting Probe-resistant Proxies

    Sergey Frolov, Jack Wampler, Eric Wustrow. NDSS 2020

  • Conjure: Summoning Proxies from Unused Address Space

    Sergey Frolov, Jack Wampler, Sze Chuen Tan, J. Alex Halderman, Nikita Borisov, Eric Wustrow. ACM CCS 2019

  • ExSpectre: Hiding Malware in Speculative Execution

    Jack Wampler, Ian Martiny, Eric Wustrow. NDSS 2019

  • Breaking the Trust Dependence on Third Party Processes for Reconfigurable Secure Hardware

    Aimee Coughlin, Greg Cusack, Jack Wampler, Eric Keller, Eric Wustrow. FPGA 2019 Proceedings of the 2019 ACM/SIGDA

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